Outdoor LED Signs

LED signs are an excellent marketing tool as they can help increase visibility for your brand. They familiarise everyone that looks at the sign with your brand logo, name, and help promote your products. However, it’s important to install these signs at the right location in order to get the right results. At DDJ Sales and Hire, we provide both indoor and outdoor LED signs in Brisbane, so you can place them at any location you like.

How do outdoor signs benefit you? 

Our outdoor LED signs are specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions and deliver the performance you need. Most people hesitate to invest in outdoor signs and would rather keep these installations inside or close to their business property. However, outdoor signs provide a number of benefits to local businesses. Here are some distinct advantages of our outdoor signs:

  • Easy to use – Our outdoor signs are designed to be easy to transport, set up, and use. You can install the signs at different locations on different days to get the maximum benefit. It’s also easy to pack up the signs and store them if you no longer need to use them.
  • Bright and vibrant – Most of the signs available in the market today shine during the night when there’s no natural light present. But these signs appear dim and colourless when the sun is high and shining. Our outdoor LED signs are bright and colourful, and they’ll shine during daytime as well.
  • Better ROI – As our signs are visible in the morning and night, they attract more attention and draw more customers to your doorstep. The signs aren’t dull and ineffective during the peak hours of activity so they’re likely catch more the eye of more customers, which will lead to higher conversion rates, and that leads to higher returns on your investment.

Hire or Purchase 

You can hire or purchase our outdoor LED signs in Sunshine Coast based on your requirements. We offer good quality signs for both options so whether you purchase or hire, you’ll get good results. Here’s what you need to know about these two options:

  • Hiring our LED signs – Our outdoor LED signs in Cairns are very affordable and we offer discounts on long-term bookings. Our signs are durable, easy to transport and set up, so they’re ideal for temporary installation.
  • Purchasing our LED Signs – We’re the only distributor of high-quality Focono LED lights and they come with 8-year warranties. These signs are very efficient and very affordable as the range starts at $7,000. We offer no-interest plans for customers that don’t want to spend all that money at once.

Products we offer 

We have a wide range of products that will suit all of your requirements and have two different collections of outdoor LED signs. 

  • Outdoor S Series – This series is designed for outdoor rental applications and we recommend them for live concert, exhibitions, TV station shows, live broadcasting, and theme parks.
  • Outdoor N Series – This series is for outdoor fixed applications and recommend them for commercial advertising, transportation centres, stadium scoreboard, shopping malls, school, hotels and resorts, chain stores, etc.

If you want to know more about our outdoor LED signs in Gold Coast, don’t hesitate to contact us at DDJ Sales and Hire. You can call us at 1300 794 479 or contact us through this form. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.